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Roam our expansive and immersive open world Minecraft server, adapted from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

ArdaCraft is building the largest and most detailed recreation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth ever made, fully brought to life in Minecraft.

More than
400 unique

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Their adaptation is meticulously planned and true to the books... the work they have been doing is absolutely incredible.

Matt (Nerd of the Rings)

Tolkien YouTuber

This is absolutely breathtaking stuff... to walk through it all day was really fantastic.

Alan Sisto

Prancing Pony Podcast

Every hill, every valley, every ridge in the terrain has been hand-crafted to embody the heart and soul of Middle-earth.


Minecraft YouTuber

In terms of scope and scale, ArdaCraft is probably the closest adaptation to Tolkien that's out there.

Yoystan (Men of the West)

Tolkien YouTuber

ArdaCraft is a fantastic Minecraft server, dedicated to the adept and quality Minecraft re-construction of Middle-earth.


Minecraft YouTuber

Their work, which they are making as accurate as possible based on the works of Tolkien, is nothing short of stunning.


Online newspaper

They're on their very own adventure to create the most faithful version of Tolkien's world - and you've never seen Minecraft look this pretty.


Video game website

Just when I thought I was sick to death of seeing these kind of things, along comes a Tolkien tribute to blow my socks off.

Kotaku Australia

Video game website and blog