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Our story starts
10 years ago...

Something cool
In a quiet corner of the internet, a group of friends decided to bring Middle-earth to life, starting in the peaceful Shire. This fellowship of skilled artists embarked on an ambitious journey to recreate Tolkien's world, one location at a time.
Our adventure began with the charm of the Shire and Breeland, but soon we set our sights on grander projects. We expanded to include the Elven harbors and Dwarven mines in the Blue Mountains, pushing the boundaries of our virtual world.
Initially, our map had clear edges, but we steadily expanded its borders. We meticulously added forests, mountains, and rivers, creating a more expansive and immersive Middle-earth.
A pivotal moment came when we teamed up with the creators of the Conquest texture pack. Forming the Conquest Reforged network, we pioneered new building techniques and set higher standards in creative Minecraft.
Our focus returned to Eriador, the region that includes the Shire. We explored the green mounds and ancient ruins of Arnor, the fields of Rohan, and the serene beauty of Rivendell, faithfully recreating the paths of Bilbo and Frodo.
Delving into Tolkien’s lore, we brought to life the wonders described in his books. Our journey took us along the Anduin River, through the golden woods of Lothlórien, past the Argonath, and down to the majestic falls of Rauros.
With growing expertise, we reimagined the terrain. We crafted taller mountains, grander trees, and mightier rivers. Enhancing older areas like the Shire was a challenging but rewarding process that brought our vision closer to perfection.
Unveiling New Possibilities
Our dream of a better world started to unfold as the Conquest Reforged mod received a major update. We relearned and refined our building techniques, further pushing the limits of what we could achieve.
The first half of the year presented challenges as our team worked on a separate, private server. Despite these obstacles, new talent and fresh ideas reinvigorated our project, helping us to overcome and thrive.
This year marked significant achievements. We transitioned to a faster version of modded Minecraft, revitalized beloved locations like Bree, and celebrated our progress with the community. We participated in Tolkien Reading Day, sharing readings and adding extraordinary music to enhance our immersive world.
As we move forward, we continue to seek ways to enhance the experience for our guests. We are developing comprehensive guides and a new starting area to ensure every visitor can follow the path of the Fellowship and fully immerse themselves in Middle-earth.


ArdaCraft stands as a testament to our community’s dedication and passion. Join us on this journey and become part of the story we are crafting together. Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo: A star shines on the hour of our meeting. Welcome to ArdaCraft.

Our contributors

We’re excited about the progress we’re making with our project! If you believe in our cause and would like to contribute, your support would mean the world to us. Whether it’s sharing our mission with others or getting involved directly, every little bit helps. Thank you for being part of our journey!

Dive into a captivating array of meticulously crafted locations, each brimming with its own unique charm and allure. From vibrant urban hubs to serene natural escapes, our selection offers a tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored.

Why use mods?

When building a world as diverse and complex as Middle-earth, a vast number of textures are required. We have decided to move to a modded server mainly due to Minecraft removing metadatas of blocks, which severely reduces the number of textures we can use. Vanilla Minecraft also lacks lots of the necessary things we would like to have for our server, and ultimately fails to improve the building aspect of Minecraft. Having a modded client/server allows us to have full control over what we can do with blocks, textures, and server features.