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How to apply ?

Learn everything you need to know about applying to join the ArdaCraft project
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How To Apply

To become a builder on our server, we first require an application.The builder application is about learning our styles and how to recreate them. During your apprenticeship and then as a builder you should begin to input your own creativity. However, during the application it's important to show you can fit in with your stuff to start.To learn the basics of building with our modpack, you should check out /warp howtobuild. A lot of helpful information about how to build more effectively using our tools can be found there.Discord is our primary communication method. Throughout the application process, you must check back on your thread to review any feedback given by the Overseers or Mentors. Prolonged inactivity without communication will result in your application being rejected.Make sure you have the newest "RP" (resource pack) loaded. It`s pinned in this Channel .

  1. Claim a plot by typing /plot auto in chat.
  2. Copy an exact 1:1 replica of one of the houses at /warp templatehouses.
  3. Apply with screenshots of your finished replica in our application section. Take your screenshots without shaders and with a reasonable FOV. Use the pinned application example template to fill out.
  4. An Overseer will review your application in 1-2 days. They’ll review your build and give you further tasks.

Important Guides for Building  

  • /warp GradientGuide - Very Important! - explains a technique we use for almost every build - Click HERE for an online version
  • /warp paintings - shows you all the available paintings
  • /warp ItemFrameGuide - a handy asset to help you detail your interiors
  • /warp WorldEditGuide - a powerful tool that allows you to make quick edits to many blocks at once

Project-Related Guides  


  • Gondor Rural Guide: /warp GondorRuralGuide or here as a Document (good to know, not necessary for the start)
  • Gradient and Blockpalette Guides: /warp Lisclorn (Palettes next to you)
  • Interior Guide: /warp GondorInteriorGuide


  • Westmarch Guide: here as Documents  and Seminars
  • Gradient and Blockpalette Guides: /warp WestmarchGuide (Palettes next to you)
  • Interior Guide: /warp westmarchguide


  • Moria Guide: -coming soon-
  • Gradient and Blockpalette Guides: /warp MoriaPaletteGuide
  • Interior Guide: /warp Epoch1/2/3 or /warp MoriaHouseGuide
  • Cave Guide: /warp MoriaCaveGuide
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