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Early in the Third Age, the Men of Gondor built a fortress at the site of modern-day Lisclorn. A vibrant town grew around it over the next several centuries, but was decimated by the Great Plague. From that point Lisclorn had gone through slow recovery, and when the Ithilien fell and Anduin around Osgiliath became no longer safe, the city experienced a renewal, becoming a major hub of trade between Rohan and Anórien.


Today, Lisclorn is ruled by the aging lord Faeldor (TA 2914-FA 2). His wife Gladwen (TA 2908-3004) came from a long line of Ithilien nobles. Faeldor has four children: his twin daughters Indil (married to a nobleman in Lossarnach) and Iriss? (married to a noble of Minas Tirith), his son and heir Falathar, and his youngest daughter S?lwen.


Lisclorn is a centre of the textile and textile trade between Rohan and Gondor. This is reflected in the large number of weaveries, dyeworks and tailors present in the town.

The town further hosts many of the industries one might expect in a developed settlement, including carpenters, tanners, potters, metalworkers and a taverna.

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